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Santa Catarina & San Antonio Tour

Half-day trip takes you to the east shores of the lake.  Travel by private boat to the villages of San Antonio and Santa Catarina, with time to explore each village.  Easy walking involved.  English-speaking guide.  3-4 hours.

The day begins in Panajachel or Santa Cruz where you depart for the east end of the lake.  Just past Panajachel is the village of Santa Catarina.  It is a small village that is easy to explore in  one hour.  There are several womans weaving cooperatives where you can see the beautiful textiles being made into table coverings, clothing, and bed covers.  The colors used on this side of the lake are bright vibrant blues, purples, and reds, woven into elaborate and beautiful designs

There are no entrance fees at the cooperatives. Your gift purchases or donations are how these centers function.

Your second stop is San Antonio, a larger village perched on a steep hillside.  Here you will see terraced fields of onion and garlic as they have been maintained for hundreds of years.  San Antonio is also home to a particular type of ceramic design and you may tour the MayanKe ceramics factory and store if you wish.

The cooperative was started when Ken Edwards, (famous for his ceramics) came to Guatemala looking for clay. He decided to reside in San Antonio Palopo and pass on his knowledge to the local families. The families learned the methods of Ken Edwards and also improvised with their own Ideas. They make designs such as, animals, cups, ashtrays and plates.

The streets are quite steep here and the walking is a bit more strenuous.

$80 per person. Meals & refreshments not included.

Optional:  Visit the home of a local Mayan healer (curandera).  She will  perform a healing or protection ceremony specifically for you.  You will experience the ancient healing arts practiced by the Mayan for thousands of years.  After you can steam in a temascal sauna. This is a unique opportunity to visit a local home and experience Mayan life for your self.

Santa Catarina San Antonio Lake Atitlan tour