Maya Cultural Sharing at Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Experience the many facets of Maya culture uniquely found around Lake Atitlan. Learn about daily life, cuisine and speciality handiwork in our nearby Maya villages. Visit these beautiful communities and learn their histories alongside our local guides.

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Weturatton fair trade textile

San Juan’s weaving cooperatives

Explore San Juan la Laguna, full day of cultural sharing. Learn how a village has embraced its culture. Weaving cooperatives natural dyed hand spun cotton fair trade textile village.

$75 per person.


San Marcos, San Juan and Santiago village tour

Rated #1 on Tripadvisor, best tour option to see the most in a single day. Schedule a Lake Atitlan private tour explore San Marcos San Juan Santiago by private boat. Full day trip takes you from one end of the lake to the other. Travel by private boat to the villages of San Marcos, San Juan and Santiago, with time to explore each village.
Easy walking involved. Approximately 6-7 hours. English-speaking guide.

$95 per person (2 person minimum). Meals not included.


Santa Catarina and San Antonio tour

Half-day trip takes you to the east shores of the lake. Travel by private boat to the villages of San Antonio and Santa Catarina, with time to explore each village. Easy walking involved. English-speaking guide. 3-4 hours.

$80 per person. Meals & refreshments not included.

Santo Tomas church is famous for its blend of Catholic and Mayan rituals

Chichicastenango Market

Our Chichicastenango private family tours can help make sense of the chaos and clatter of this unique experience. This town is famous amongst tourists and travelers who are on private family tours to Chichicastenango.

$40 per person plus transportation.

Antigua day trips - Guatemala market days - Solola - private family tours

Solola Market

Sololá Solola market and mountain villages. Experience Guatemala market days. Solola market with a bi-lingual guide. Guatemala market days vary, but the Solola market is active every day. The documentary “Living on One Dollar” was filmed in this area .

$80 per person (2 person minimum). Meals & refreshments not included.

Lake Atitlan shaman-mayan ceremony

Mayan Fire Ceremony

Off the beaten path cultural sharing experience. Book a personal Mayan Fire Ceremony Shamanic Cleansing-Protection-Healing. If you are interested in delving even deeper into the Mayan culture, we have a special and unique addition to any of our tours.

$80.00 per person for ceremony (2 person minimum).


Cooking Class

Learn to cook Guatemalan recipes is something you can take home with you to remember long after your trip is over. Are you looking to experience Guatemala in an authentic and personal way? Experience the taste and flavors of Guatemala cooking at the Lake Atitlan Maya Kitchen.

$30.00 per person.

Lake Atitlan shaman-mayan ceremony

Lake Atitlan Shaman – Mayan Ceremony & Sacred Caves

Visit the most sacred and holy locations around Lake Atitlan. Shaman priest perform fire ceremonies at sacred caves for healing, protection, safe travels, and for centering their energy.


  • $50 per person for half day trip. Tour starts and ends in Panajachel.