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Atitlán Adventures Excursions

Los Elementos Adventure Center is an exclusive destination on Lake Atitlán, and is your base camp for kayaking, hiking, trekking, paddle boarding, family events, or just relaxing at the lake shore. Climb the volcanos, discover hidden waterfalls, and explore a tropical paradise.

Los Elementos Adventure Center staff provides the local logistical services for our tours. Having staff in-country allows our customers the freedom to request services such as tours, transportation, guides, hotels, etc., on an a la cart basis; whether in-country or before you start your vacation.

Our team will serve you from beginning to end, providing expert pre-vacation planning advice and booking all travel services for you. Once in the country, our team will serve your every need, so you can relax and truly enjoy every minute of your carefree vacation in paradise. Los Elementos Adventure Center kayak hike destination family fun vacation.

Our years of experience and broad knowledge of our country let us fulfill the desires of our guests by providing them with the widest range of active adventure tourism Guatemala has to offer. Our objective is to satisfy each client by emphasizing professional service combined with those special touches of our national culture that have always been our hallmark.

We offer a great variety of trips in Guatemala. Kayaking is our first passion, with hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking all following close behind. Kayak Guatemala tours are created to highlight Lake Atitlan, the central highlands, and its magical landscape. The incredible scenery and vibrant Mayan culture assures the best kayaking and cultural immersion with an unmatched level of service.

Los Elementos Adventure Center kayak hike destination family fun vacation, paddleboarding, rock climbing, and mountain biking are all carbon neutral.  The entire Adventure Center can be rented for special events.  Plan your family holiday, wedding, teambuilding exercise, convivio, volunteer, or NGO get-a-way.

The Adventure Center has overnight accommodation for individual families or small groups.
Email us if you have any questions, reserve space or further information about our trips or other services in our country. adventure center kayak hike destination family fun vacation

los elementos adventure center kayak hike destination family fun vacation
Exclusive destination for fun and adventure at Lake Atitlan
Antigua family activities - Lake Atitlan Family Fun Day
The best choice for groups and families

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Meet Our Los Elementos Adventure Center Team

Los Elementos Adventure Center kayak hike destination family fun vacation

Explore the best adventure destination at Lake Atitlan. It is a one-of-a-kind experience and a great base camp to explore beautiful Lake Atitlan. You will see, interact, and experience Mayan culture up close and personal.

Climb the volcanoes, rock climb, kayak, cliff jump, bird watch, discover hidden waterfalls, and explore a tropical paradise. Family friendly and safe for women travelers.


We are experts at helping you make the most of you time at Lake Atitlan. All our tours and excursions can originate and end in Antigua. Whether you have one day, or more; let us plan an adventure for you today.