#1 Lake Atitlan Tour: San Marcos, San Juan & Santiago

About this tour

Our best-selling Lake Atitlan tour, this private boat trip allows you to explore the Mayan villages of San Marcos, San Juan and Santiago all in one day.

Price: $115
Duration:6-7 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Ages: All ages


The full-day trip takes you from one end of Lake Atitlan to the other by boat with an English-speaking guide and walking tours in each village.

We begin in San Marcos la Laguna, renowned for its holistic healing centers with meditation and yoga, plus the best cliff jumping spots in Guatemala. Then to colorful San Juan la Laguna, home to woman’s weaving cooperatives and a medicinal plant garden run by midwives where you can learn about the curative powers of Guatemalan nature.

Several famous painters are from San Juan la Laguna and we visit galleries to see them at work, plus the weaving cooperative that started the hand-spun cotton and natural dye movement in San Juan. See how the beautiful fabrics are made; from harvesting the cotton to spinning it into yarn, dyeing the yarn, and then creating one-of-a-kind fabrics with a back strap loom.

Finally, we see the bay of Santiago – a photographer’s dream – and the town’s Catholic church. First constructed in 1547, the church has two wooden altarpieces from the original 1500s as well as other ancient artifacts, with a rustic design quite different from the colonial-style churches seen in Antigua.

You will have an off-the-beaten-track experience, learn about Tzutujile Maya traditions and spiritual beliefs, and visit the Maximon where the Mayan go to ask for healthy crops, to cure illness, to find love, or to cast a spell on a neighbor. We also give you the opportunity to buy some candles, cigarettes, or liquor to make your own offering.


Shuttle pick up at your Antigua hotel, followed by a 3 hour scenic drive to Lake Atitlan, where you’ll board a private boat and depart for the west end of the lake.
Travel to San Marcos, where we stop to explore the many holistic healing centers for meditation, yoga, healing, etc. Here there is an optional cliff jump
Depart the north shore for San Juan, and spend 2 hours on a guided walking including art galleries, woman’s weaving cooperatives, a medicinal and curative plant garden.
Your third stop is Santiago, with its visitor center that offers insight into the life of the Tzutujile Maya. We tour the local church and visit Maximon.
The boat takes you back to Panajachel where you'll board the shuttle bus back to Antigua.

What’s included

Bilingual guide
Private boat transportation
Meals and refreshments

Additional information

  • Minimum 2 people per booking.
  • 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • There are no entrance fees at the cooperatives.
  • Your gift purchases or donations are how these centers function.

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