Santa Catarina Tour & San Antonio Village

About this tour

Visit the famous ceramics studio of San Antonio and the weaving cooperatives of Santa Catarina with this half-day tour in Lake Atitlan.

Price: $80
Duration:3-4 hours
Difficulty: Med
Ages: All ages


Travel by private boat with an English-speaking guide to the villages of San Antonio and Santa Catarina and experience the most authentic Mayan culture Lake Atitlan has to offer.

With only 6000 residents, the pueblo of Santa Catarina retains a strong identity grounded in Mayan culture. Made famous by the “Painting Santa Catarina Project” which allowed local families to have their houses hand-painted free of charge, the streets of Santa Catarina are vibrant in color and decorated with Maya symbols like the Ixcot, a traditional two-headed bird, deer, and geometric patterns.

Contributing to a heart-warming sense of community, Santa Catarina is also home to several women’s cooperatives where textiles are woven into table coverings, clothing, and bed covers in the town’s vibrant color scheme of blue, purple, and red.

Even though San Antonio is larger, few tourists visit this steep hillside village. Terraced onion and garlic fields that have been maintained for centuries line the mountain valley, but, history-fanatics and those with an eye for design are most intrigued by the MayanKe ceramics factory. Founded by famous artist Ken Edwards who came to Guatemala in search of high-quality clay, talented local potters use this space to produce and sell their own creations. Common designs include animals, cups, ashtrays, and plates.

For an additional fee, you may also visit the home of a local Mayan healer (curandera) who can perform a personal healing or protection ceremony. This ancient healing art has been practiced by Mayan people for thousands of years.


The day begins in Panajachel where you depart for Santa Catarina on the east end of the lake, a small village that we explore in one hour.
 Your second stop is San Antonio with a visit to the farms and ceramics studio.
 Finish with the optional Maya ceremony (for an additional fee) before returning to Panajachel.

What’s included

Bilingual guide
Transportation between the villages
Meals & refreshments
Transportation to/from the meeting point in Panajachel

Additional information

  • Minimum 2 people per booking.
  • 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • There are no entrance fees at the cooperatives.
  • Your gift purchases or donations are how these centers function.

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