THE BEST Tours & Excursions in Antigua Guatemala

Discover a range of adventure tours and excursions in Antigua Guatemala.

Kayak Guatemala's Antigua excursions cater to a range of interests. Choose from adventure, cultural immersion, or relaxation activities. From hiking the towering peaks of Acatenango volcano, to the tranquility of a day excursion to the serene shores of Lake Atitlan, we have something for everyone. 

First and foremost, Antigua is a treasure trove of colonial charm, with its cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and enchanting atmosphere. As you stroll through this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you'll be surrounded by stunning architecture adorned with intricate details. The best part? You get to discover awe-inspiring churches and historic sites, such as the iconic La Merced and the grand Cathedral of Antigua. Marvel at their towering facades and step inside to witness magnificent colonial-era interiors.

During your trip to Antigua it's a great idea to also visit the nearby villages and towns, or try out Guatemala's famous adventure activities like hiking active volcanoes or kayaking in Lake Atitlan. Here is a wide range of Antigua excursions to choose from.

Excursions from Antigua Guatemala

#1 Lake Atitlan Tour: San Marcos, San Juan & Santiago

Our best-selling Lake Atitlan tour, this private boat trip allows you to explore the Mayan villages of San Marcos, San Juan and Santiago all in one day.





The full-day sightseeing tour takes you from one end of Lake Atitlan to the other by boat with an English-speaking guide and walking tours in each village.

Begin in San Marcos la Laguna, renowned for its holistic healing centers with meditation and yoga, plus the best cliff jumping spots in Guatemala. Then to colorful San Juan la Laguna, home to woman’s weaving cooperatives and a medicinal plant garden run by midwives where you can learn about the curative powers of Guatemalan nature.

Several famous painters are from San Juan la Laguna and we visit galleries to see them at work, plus the weaving cooperative that started the hand-spun cotton and natural dye movement in San Juan. See how the beautiful fabrics are made; from harvesting the cotton to spinning it into yarn, dyeing the yarn, and then creating one-of-a-kind fabrics with a back strap loom.

Finally, see the bay of Santiago – a photographer’s dream – and the town’s Catholic church. First constructed in 1547, the church has two wooden altarpieces from the original 1500s as well as other ancient artifacts, with a rustic design quite different from the colonial-style churches seen in Antigua.

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Santa Catarina Tour & San Antonio Village

Visit the famous ceramics studio of San Antonio and the weaving cooperatives of Santa Catarina with this half-day tour in Lake Atitlan.





Travel by private boat with an English-speaking guide to the villages of San Antonio and Santa Catarina and experience the most authentic Mayan culture Guatemala has to offer.

With only 6000 residents, the pueblo of Santa Catarina retains a strong identity grounded in Mayan culture. Made famous by the “Painting Santa Catarina Project” which allowed local families to have their houses hand-painted free of charge, the streets of Santa Catarina are vibrant in color and decorated with Maya symbols like the Ixcot, a traditional two-headed bird, deer, and geometric patterns.

Even though San Antonio is larger, few tourists visit this steep hillside village. Terraced onion and garlic fields that have been maintained for centuries line the mountain valley, but, history-fanatics and those with an eye for design are most intrigued by the MayanKe ceramics factory. Founded by famous artist Ken Edwards who came to Guatemala in search of high-quality clay, talented local potters use this space to produce and sell their creations. Common designs include animals, cups, ashtrays, and plates.

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Solola Tour With Street Markets & Sacred Caves

On the Solola tour you'll spend a day in the life of the Kaqchikel Maya where the grocery shop takes place on a mountainside market 7,000 ft above Lake Atitlan and prayers are made to ancestors via a traditional ceremony of fire.





Few tourists are lucky to discover the unique charm of Solola market. As vibrant as the popular Chichicastenango market, Solola is bustling with local villagers every day of the week. Hidden 7,000 ft in the mountains above Lake Atitlan, several Mayan tribes travel here daily to trade fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers, handicrafts, textiles, and even live animals.

The market is a blaze of color with fruit, vegetables, and flowers. The documentary “Living on One Dollar” was famously filmed here, and the Solola tour will help you to similarly embark on a treasure hunt for rare goods and try your hand at bargaining with local sellers, perhaps for an ounce of Huisquils (a vegetable pear unique to Lake Atitlan) or a colorful tablecloth hand-woven by a young Mayan girl.

Once you’ve found your treasures at the Solola market, we journey to the sacred caves of San Jorge as the Maya people have for centuries to perform ancient fire rituals. There you may witness a Mayan shaman performing a Fire Ceremony whereby the shaman speaks to spirits to ask for help from divinity, mother nature and ancestors passed. Colorful candles, flowers, and incense are contributed to the fire as a gift to the Gods.

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2-Day Kayak & Hike Excursion In Lake Atitlan

Discover the natural landscapes of Lake Atitlan and stay overnight in a beautiful lakeside lodge with our 2-day kayak and hike excursion.





Described as “the closest thing to Eden on Earth” and “the most beautiful lake in the world”, Lake Atitlan is undoubtedly one of Central America’s scenic highlights. With its volcanic backdrop and glistening waters, the natural landscape is best discovered on both land and water. This Lake Atitlan hike and kayak adventure offers both; spend two days discovering beautiful scenery, exotic plants, bird life, and jaw-dropping waterfalls as you kayak alongside the rugged north shore and hike through the secluded Pumpatin Canyon.

This two Day Kayak and Hike Adventure from Antigua includes a visit to Santa Cruz la Laguna, a kayak tour of the lake, swim and cliff jump or rock climb (optional), and a hike from the Maya Ruta through San Marcos, Tzununa, El Jaibalito. Meals, beverages, and a night’s accommodation are included so you can fully enjoy the adventure. The itinerary can be customized specially for you with a great mix of activities from mild to extreme.

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Acatenango Volcano Hike Guatemala

The world-famous Acatenango volcano hike offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch an active volcanic eruption and camp overnight with views of the volcano.





Acatenango is one of the highest non-technical hikes in Central America, with an elevation of 3,976 meters (13,045 feet). The hike takes you through a variety of landscapes. Starting from farmlands and lush vegetation, you’ll gradually enter a cloud forest as you ascend. The scenery changes dramatically as you climb higher, offering panoramic views of the surrounding volcanoes, valleys, and the Guatemalan highlands. You’re in safe hands with our expert tour guide who has 25+ years of experience in volcano hiking and camping.

Reach base camp and witness spectacular displays of smoke, ash, and lava flows from neighboring Mount Fuego, an active volcano known for its frequent eruptions. We spend the night camping in rustic huts where you can rest, relax, and witness Fuego’s eruptions under the starry sky: an incredible and unique camping experience. The summit also offers amazing views of Agua, Pacaya, and the other 33 volcanoes of Guatemala.

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Chichicastenango Market & Village Tour

Navigate the hustle and bustle of Chichicastenango Market and its kaleidoscope of colors with a local guide on this walking tour.





The Chichicastenango street market is a vibrant hub where Guatemalan folks come together to buy and sell an eclectic mix of goods. From textiles, pottery, meat, and vegetables to tools and even live animals, this bustling market has it all. Nestled amidst Spanish colonial buildings, Chichicastenango is rich with Maya culture and adorned with vibrant fruits, flowers, and textiles unique to the Guatemalan highlands.

Local vendors fill the air with the fragrance of “copal,” a traditional incense used during meditation, while shamans offer prayers amidst the swirling smoke. Get ready to embark on a treasure hunt as you explore this ancient village, discovering everything from rare mountain-mined stones to live animals. Test your negotiation skills with local merchants and uncover fantastic deals.

During the Chichicastenango market tour, you’ll taste the flavors of traditional cuisine at local eateries. Delve into the world of Mayan clothing and learn about the intricate symbols – the universe, lightning, cardinal points, and the sun – that are hand-sewn into textiles.

Explore the town’s cemetery, where history comes alive, and wander through a sculpture garden dedicated to the Mayan calendar. Visit the indigenous mayor’s office, a traditional mask factory, and a warehouse filled with costumes used for special occasions.

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Cliff Jump – Kayak – Paddle Board Lake Atitlan Excursion

Paddle board or kayak to a safety-tested jumping zone with the aid of a professional guide on this cliff jump Lake Atitlan excursion.





Lake Atitlan is the ultimate destination in Guatemala to kayak, paddleboard, and cliff jump and no vacation would be complete without experiencing its crystal blue waters out on the lake itself.

Choose from a variety of specialized paddling equipment, such as stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), children’s kayaks, single kayaks, or double kayaks, and set out on the water to explore the most breathtaking scenery in Guatemala.

With our experienced guide, you’ll paddle to one of our safety-tested cliff jumping and swimming zones where jumps range from 2 to 3 feet for a quick thrill, to longer jumps of up to 30 feet for the courageous at heart. Rest assured, all jump areas provide deep landing water, ensuring your safety. Leap as many times as your heart desires.

After an invigorating morning of adventure, you’ll retreat to our lakeside resort, Los Elementos Adventure Center. Indulge in the tranquility of our rest and relaxation areas, seek refuge from the sun in our shaded cabanas, or treat yourself to a soothing massage, unwinding from the excitement of the day.

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Guatemala Bike Tour – Easy Downhill Ride

Start 3000 feet above Lake Atitlan and enjoy a smooth, downhill journey along paved roads through Mayan villages and 'fincas' with this Guatemala bike tour.





This family-friendly Guatemala bike tour is perfect for those who simply want to enjoy the view.

Start among the clouds, 3000 feet above Lake Atitlan, and enjoy a smooth journey down the mountainside, looking out to the stunning natural landscapes between Atitlan and Antigua.

On this easy bike tour, you’ll see volcanoes San Pedro, Atitlan, and Toliman from an angle with their distinctive peaks quite pronounced. We traverse through picturesque Mayan villages and coffee farmlands and eventually descend into the small village of San Andres Semetabaj.

Roads are paved and quiet with several scenic overlooks to stop and soak in the view or buy gifts from local sellers. This bike tour is ideal for families.

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Adventure Day – Family Excursion Lake Atitlan

Kayak, hike, play, and enjoy the best adventure activities that Guatemala has to offer with this tailored-to-you Lake Atitlan family excursion.





This day is designed to let the kids run and play. Parents can join in the fun, or take a break for lunch and watch the guides entertain the kids.

Hike through the forest in the hidden Pumpatin Canyon where you’ll see locals tending to their crops and a variety of wildlife, or relax on our private beach or chill-out areas with hammocks and shaded cabana.

Kayak, swim or even cliff jump if you dare! Just let us know what type of activities you prefer and we’ll do the rest. We’re experts at planning activities that will create lasting memories, taking care of every detail so you don’t have to.

Activities include:

  • Kids archery

  • Kayak & Stand-up paddleboarding

  • Safe rock climbing with our secure top-rope systems (harnesses, ropes, etc.) and experienced guides

  • Swim in the lake

  • Cliff-jumping (short and long jumps)

  • Waterfalls and canyon walks

  • Relax on our private beach or in the chill-out area with hammocks and a shaded cabana

  • Optional spa services (additional fee)

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Kayak & Extreme Zipline Guatemala Excursion

On this kayak and zipline Guatemala excursion you'll whizz through the tree canopy and paddle your way across the world's most beautiful lake.





For the first half of this Guatemala excursion, hop on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard, head out into Lake Atitlan, and take in the breathtaking scenery along the north shore. Your bilingual guide will point out cultural highlights of the area and share knowledge of local flora and fauna. With volcanoes and lush greenery all around, you’ll be in awe of Lake Atitlan’s natural beauty.

After the kayak excursion, you’ll hike through the lush cloud forest and cross suspension bridges at the Atitlan nature reserve. Prepare for an adrenaline rush as you soar through the treetops from the air. On this zipline adventure, feel the wind in your hair and take in dynamic views from all around. There are eight zipline cables in total, with the longest being an impressive 1,017 ft in distance.

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Kayak & Hike Excursion With Transportation From Antigua

Escape Antigua for one day and discover the best landscapes of Guatemala with this kayak and hike excursion in Lake Atitlan.





A trip to Guatemala wouldn’t be complete without heading to Lake Atitlan for a day of outdoor activities.

Our Kayak and Hike Excursion is the perfect way to spend a full day exploring Lake Atitlan from both on the water and from several hundred feet above. Paddle along the rugged and beautiful north shore, hike back through Mayan trails, and get up close with exotic plant life and bird species.

On this tour, you’ll also step into Mayan culture as you pass by farmers tending to their maize and coffee fields and men fishing from hand-hewn kayaks as they have for centuries.

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Lake Atitlan Rest & Relax Getaway: Resort Day Pass

Relax at our secluded Lake Atitlan resort and admire the view from the comfort of a hammock. Swim, kayak, read, take a siesta, or be pampered at the spa.





Welcome to Los Elementos resort, a beautiful oasis in Lake Atitlan where a private beachfront, shaded cabana, and hammocks await.

Located in Santa Cruz la Laguna, undoubtedly the most beautiful village on the lake, it’s the perfect place to relax and appreciate Atitlan’s dramatic mountains with spectacular views in all directions. The property is only accessible by boat, so tranquility, nature, and privacy are unparalleled to none.

Explore the surrounding mountains and volcanoes on foot or from the water, enjoying a morning swim in the lake or with a kayak or paddleboard. Your time is free to spend as you choose: take a walk along the lake shore paths, explore beautiful gardens, and let your mind wander. Add a one-hour massage for $60 to relax and enjoy the lake’s tranquility.

Book Lake Atitlan Rest & Relax Getaway: Resort Day Pass

Off The Beaten Path Guatemala Excursion

Escape Antigua with this day excursion to Lake Atitlan. Visit a Mayan village and kayak, hike, rock climb, or cliff jump among beautiful Guatemalan nature.





Travel to Lake Atitlan and choose your adventure options. We have high-impact activities for those who are physically active or low-impact activities for those who want to enjoy Lake Atitlan on their terms. Families may mix and match. Kids can cliff jump and rock climb while parents watch and enjoy canyon views.

Choose from the following activities: Kayaking, Hiking, Cliff jumping, or Rock climbing.

Plus one Mayan village tour:

  • Santa Cruz – a small village with no roads which feels very exotic. Explore hiking trails, kayak, rock climb or find hidden waterfalls.

  • Jaibalito – the smallest village around the lake where you can eat local dishes at the renowned restaurant Han’s Posada Jaibalito.

  • San Marcos – the heart of spirituality and environmentalism in Lake Atitlan. Visit the Nature Reserve and take a swim.

  • San Juan – an artisanal village of painters, weavers, medicinal plant healers, and the cleanest village on the lake. Visit galleries, see street art, and experience Mayan markets.

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Mayan Fire Ceremony With Shaman & Sacred Caves

This traditional Fire Ceremony is led by a Mayan Shaman in the caves of San Jorge - the most sacred location around Lake Atitlan.




This one-of-a-kind experience with a Mayan shaman will immerse you in the ancient ritual of fire cleansing. This tradition goes back centuries. Modern-day shamans perform this ritual for protection, healing, and cleansing as a way of maintaining their spiritual life.

The ceremony is held in the most sacred location around Lake Atitlan, the caves of Jan Jorge. You’ll feel the energy and power as soon as you enter the caves. Mayans from the highland tribes frequently travel here to perform holistic healthcare rituals on behalf of the indigenous poor, and it’s likely locals will come to pray in the caves whilst you are there.

This is a completely unique opportunity for cultural sharing that we honor with respect. Your local guide will explain the tradition and what you can expect, then introduce you to the Mayan Shaman who leads the ceremony. You will have five options to guide the ceremony: healing, protection, safe travels, cleansing of bad energy, or insight into challenges in your life. This guides the purpose of the ritual and the prayers made by the Shaman.

With the help of your local guide, you will learn also about the 5000-year-old Mayan calendar, how it relates to the ceremony, and how it influences daily life for the Maya of Guatemala. You will be given your own Mayan Nawale (or horoscope), based on your birth date and year, which offers insight into your character strengths and weaknesses, love and relationships, work, and energy sources.

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