Upper Mayan Trail: Lake Atitlan Hike & Cultural Tour

About this tour

Not your average Lake Atitlan hike, the Upper Mayan trail includes cloud forest, a visit to Solola street market and a Mayan fire ceremony.

Price: $85
Duration:4-6 hours
Difficulty: Extreme
Ages: 14+


This full-day hiking tour of Lake Atitlan takes you high into the mountains. Hike along ancient paths used by the Kachekel Maya for centuries. Along the trail, encounter farmers tending to corn and coffee fields as villagers harvest crops and prepare them for sale. You’ll learn about ancient agricultural techniques still in use today. Converse with villagers and understand how local people live in the modern world with the help of your bilingual guide who can translate the centuries-old indigenous language.

We visit Solola to explore its renowned and vibrant street market. Several Mayan tribes travel to this market each day to trade goods such as fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers, handicrafts, textiles, and even live animals. The market is a blaze of color from the textiles, flowers, and produce. Your guide will explain the designs and colors used in the traditional textiles, introduce you to foods unique to this area, and even teach you a few words in the Mayan language.

The tour ends with a visit to a sacred Mayan cave located in a protected mountainous region. You’ll witness local shamans perform mystical rituals and elaborate fire ceremonies to bring good health and luck to the indigenous people. We explain the history and cultural importance of the unique ceremony and lead you on a similar meditation. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to step into the magic of Maya culture for one day.


The full-day hiking tour begins in Santa Cruz at 9am

We start with a 3-4 hour hike along ancient paths, 2,500 ft above the waters of Atitlan.

The trail ends in a remote village in the cloud forest where we catch a collectivo (public transport) to the indigenous market in Solola where you can take lunch.
In the afternoon visit the Sacred Caves of San Jorge, a sacred Mayan site

Rituals are performed by shamans in a rugged and remote area barely touched by the outside world.

We return to Panajachel via chicken bus where the tour ends around 3pm.

What’s included

Local guide
Transportation throughout the day
Meals and beverages

Additional information

2 person minimum. This activity is only advisable for people with good health and fitness.

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This tour is available to book 24 hours in advance.


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