Mayan Fire Ceremony With Local Guide & Sacred Caves

About this tour

Visit the sacred caves of Lake Atitlan and experience an ancient Mayan fire ceremony for healing, protection and aligning energies.

Price: $50
Duration:1 - 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Ages: All ages


Practiced in Guatemala, the fire ceremony is a culturally significant ritual that has been passed on for many generations and remains an important tradition for indigenous communities today.

During the ceremony, Mayan shamans speak to spirits to ask for help from divinity, mother nature and ancestors passed. Colorful candles, flowers, and incense are contributed to the fire as a gift to the Gods. As the fire burns, prayers, and meditations are lifted up in the smoke to be carried to the heavens. Negative energy is released and positive energy is empowered.

Fire Ceremonies are how the Mayan of today connect with old wisdom – the ceremony honors all components of life; good and bad, in order to remain balanced. They can be focused on healing, protection, as a centering exercise, or for mediation to reflect on our past and our future.

The Mayan fire ceremony experience is located 1200 ft. above Lake Atitlan in sacred caves that have been used for centuries to perform Mayan rituals. Mayans from the highland tribes travel hours to visit these holy places, and you will feel the energy and power as soon as you approach the entrance.

Amongst stunning panoramic views, your cultural guide will explain the significance of the ceremony as they lead you on your own personal meditation inspired by this ancient Mayan practice. Just like Mayan tradition, your guide will give you candles to hold and put your thoughts, prayers, and intentions into and eventually contribute to the fire.

If you would like to experience this ceremony with an official Mayan Shaman, we recommend our Mayan Fire Ceremony with Shaman tour.


We meet in Panajachel where we take the infamous "chicken bus" into the mountains.
Once there, we have a 20-minute hike through the protected area to reach the sacred caves where you will witness the Mayan fire ceremony.
After the ceremony, we hike back to the village then ride the chicken bus back to Panajachel where the tour ends.

What’s included

Transportation to the caves from Panajachel
Local guide
Entry fees to sacred caves
Candles and other materials as contributions to the fire
Food and refreshments

Additional information

Minimum 2 people per booking. 24 hour cancellation policy.

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