Guatemala Jungle Trek – Quetzal Birdwatching & Santiago Waterfall

About this tour

A unique Guatemala jungle trek where you'll see the Santiago waterfall and the national bird of Guatemala, the Quetzal, in its natural environment.

Price: $90
Duration:7 hours
Difficulty: Hard
Ages: All ages


On this trek through the Guatemala jungle, get familiar with the great diversity of birds and wildlife that make a home in these rich forests. We observe species like monkeys, snakes, and over 500 species of birds in their natural environments.

During this jungle trek through the municipal park of El Rey Tepepul, you’ll have the opportunity to observe the national bird of Guatemala, the Quetzal (also namesake to the country’s currency) which inhabits the jungle. Few places in Guatemala offer such a unique experience to see the Quetzal in its natural environment.

This hard Guatemala hike journeys to the depths of the jungle and leads to one of the best waterfalls Guatemala has to offer: the Santiago waterfall. Witness one of the most impressive processes on the planet as water bursts out of the mountainside, giving life to the region.


Start in Panajachel at 5.30am and travel to the starting point by boat.
Gear up and hike 3 hours to the waterfall, take in the views then ascend back out of the waterfall for 3 hours.
Tour finishes at 1.30pm in Santiago.

What’s included

Local guide
Transportation to the waterfall from Panajachel
Meals and beverages
Hiking equipment

Additional information

Minimum 2 people per booking. 24 hour cancellation policy.
We reccomend that you bring snacks and 2Ls of water.

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This tour is available to book 24 hours in advance.


Per Person


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