San Pedro Volcano Hike

About this tour

The #1 hiking expedition in Lake Atitlan. The San Pedro Volcano hike crosses cloud forest to reach panoramic views at the 3,020m summit of the oldest volcano in Lake Atitlan.

Price: $90
Duration:8 hours
Difficulty: Extreme
Ages: 16+


Situated along the intersection of the North American and Caribbean tectonic plates, Guatemala is home to an impressive 37 volcanoes ranging from active to extinct. No trip would be complete without hiking one of these jaw-dropping volcanoes, and the San Pedro volcano hike is #1 in Lake Atitlan for good reason.

Taller than any mountain surrounding Lake Atitlan, San Pedro boasts unrestricted summit views that stretch beyond the lake itself. This challenging 3-5 hour uphill trail is lined with coffee and avocado farms. You’ll come face-to-face with the old-growth forest, ferns, and birdlife and feel as if you’re standing above the clouds at the 3,020m (19,908 ft) summit.

The volcano has been dormant for 40,000 years, so hiking the San Pedro volcano is completely safe. It is also possible to see the Horned Guan, a majestic but endangered bird species listed on the IUCN Red List. At approximately 85 cm long, this large, turkey-like bird has a red horn on its head and long, black tail feathers and many birdwatchers travel to Guatemala specifically to spot the creature.


Tour starts in San Pedro at 8am or earlier.
Gear up then hike 3-5 hours through fields and cloud forest to reach the summit.
Descend for 2-3 hours.
Tour ends at the visitor center in San Pedro village

What’s included

Snacks at the summit
Professional guide
Hiking equipment

Additional information

  • We recommend that you bring about 2Ls of water plus snacks.
  • We will provide some small snacks for the top also.
  • Good hiking shoes are recommended, plus a sun hat and sunscreen.
  • Don’t bring valuables.
  • This activity is only advisable for people with good health and fitness.

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