Maya Cultural Sharing at Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Experience the many facets of Maya culture uniquely found around Lake Atitlan. Learn about daily life, cuisine and speciality handiwork in our nearby Maya villages. Visit these beautiful communities and learn their histories alongside our local guides.

Discover Lake Atitlan – Cultural Tours – Adventure excursions

San Marcos, San Juan and Santiago Village Tour

Rated #1 on Tripadvisor, this is our best tour option to see the most in a single day. On this private tour of Lake Atitlan, you will explore the San Marcos, San Juan and Santiago villages and Maya culture by private boat. The full day trip takes you from one end of the lake to the other with an English-speaking guide and easy walking.


  • $95 per person (2 person minimum). Meals not included.
  • Activity time: 6-7 hours
  • San Marcos (holistic healing centers, meditation, yoga, cliff jumping), San Juan (art galleries, woman’s weaving cooperatives, a medicinal plant gardens), Santiago (Tzutujile Maya traditions, spiritual beliefs, Maximon offerings)
Weturatton fair trade textile

San Juan and Weaving Cooperatives Tour

Explore San Juan la Laguna for a full day of amazing cultural sharing. Learn how this village has embraced its culture and created an artistic Maya hub. See fair trade weaving cooperatives use natural dyed hand spun cotton, learn about the medicinal plants used by Mayan midwives and enjoy  the rich artistic presence in this fascinating and unique Gautemalan town.


  • $75 per person.
  • Activity time: 6-7 hours
  • Maya weaving techniques, artists visits and galleries, medicinal plant gardens, coffee tours, home family visits, cultural tour of pubic murals, shrines and historic town sites
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Santa Catarina and San Antonio Tour

This half-day trip takes you to the east shores of the lake. Travel by private boat with an English-speaking guide to the villages of San Antonio and Santa Catarina, with time to explore each village. Enjoy the colorful textiles, pottery, and ceremonial practices of the local Maya people.


  • $80 per person. Meals & refreshments not included.
  • Activity time: 3-4 hours (some strenuous uphill walking)
  • Women’s weaving cooperatives, terraced farming, famous ceramic pottery making, optional Maya healer visit and protection ceremony
Santo Tomas church is famous for its blend of Catholic and Mayan rituals

Chichicastenango Market Tour

Our Chichicastenango private tour can help make sense of the chaos and clatter of this unique experience. This town is famous amongst travelers for its traditionally dressed villagers in a kaleidoscope of colors who come to sell their textiles, fruits, vegetables, flowers, handicrafts, pottery, medicinal plants, candles, pom and copal, grindstones, pigs and chickens, and more. You will visit the 400-year-old church of Santo Tomás built on a pre-Colombian temple as well as the colorful local cemetery.


  • $40 per person plus transportation.
  • Activity time: 7-8 hours
  • World-famous Guatemalan handicraft and food market, colorful town cemetery, 400-year-old church, indigenous mayor’s office, sacred hill of Pascual Abaj, modern Maya sculpture garden, myriad of cultural activities and learning
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Solola Market Tour

Experience Guatemala at the nearby Solola market with a bi-lingual guide. Unlike the famous Chichicastenango market, this market every day of the week and very few tourist visit this excellent market. You will drive along ancient roadways that have been used by the Kachekel Maya for centuries and view villagers going about their daily life.  In the afternoon visit the Sacred Caves of San Jorge. The documentary “Living on One Dollar” was filmed in this area.


  • $80 per person ( 2 person minimum). Meals & refreshments not included.
  • Activity time: 5-6 hours
  • Vibrant market visit to less-traveled town, beautiful scenery of waterfalls, villages and farmers tending their maiz and coffee fields, scared Mayan cave site with possible Fire Cleansing Ceremony
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Local Cooking Class – Supports Local NGO

Are you looking to experience Guatemala in an authentic and personal way? Experience the taste and flavors of Guatemala cooking at the Lake Atitlan Maya Kitchen. You will have lots of hands-on fun learning how to cook up three authentic Guatemalan dishes during this 3-hour Guatemala cooking class. Learn how to prepare traditional recipes such as Pepian, Jocon, or Subanik that are unique to Guatemala. Come away with all the skills you need to prepare them in your own kitchen.

All proceeds support the community of Santa Cruz la Laguna through the non-profit Amigos de Santa Cruz.


  • $30 per person.
  • Activity time: 3-4 hours
  • Private or shared cooking class, preparation of a dish of your choice, printed copy of the recipe to take home., optional added trip to market for ingredients
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Lake Atitlan Shaman Ceremonies & Sacred Caves

Visit the most sacred and holy locations around Lake Atitlan alongside an experienced cultural guide. You will see shaman priests perform fire ceremonies at sacred caves for healing, protection, safe travels, centering their energy, and much more.


  • $50 per person for half day trip. Tour starts and ends in Panajachel.
  • Activity time: 3-4 hours
  • Lake Atitlan shamanic Mayan ceremonies held in three different caves (Nimajay, San Simon, and Colorado) for fire cleansing and protection
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Maya Culture : Personal Mayan Fire Ceremony

This is an off the beaten path cultural sharing experience. Book a personal Mayan Fire Ceremony for shamanic cleansing, protection or healing. Your local guide will explain the significance of the ceremony, and will lead you on your own personal ceremony/meditation. If you are interested in delving even deeper into the Mayan culture, we offer this special and unique addition to any of our tours.


  • $80 per person for ceremony (2 person minimum).
  • Activity time: 3-4 hours
  • A personal shamanic Mayan ceremony for fire cleansing and protection